Building Success: How Habit Formation Empowers Business Owners

Having finally read James Clear’s best selling book, ‘Atomic Habits’ recently, I thought it might be useful to apply some of his strategies to a business context.

Habit formation is as a potent force for driving sustainable growth and success. By harnessing the power of positive intelligence, embracing atomic habits, and navigating the Habit Loop, business owners can overcome obstacles, unlock new opportunities, and chart a course towards long-term prosperity.

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Case Study – EBComs, LLC

EBComs is a public relations firm based in Los Angeles servicing the film and television industry. It is well established and represents ‘behind the camera’ talent such as Oscar winning cinematographers, directors, costume designers and the like.

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Are You a Good Business Leader?

Being an effective leader requires great knowledge, effort and self awareness. Great leadership helps businesses achieve significant success, growth, and development.

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Hitting the Brick Wall

Every entrepreneur experiences plenty of highs and lows with their business. Periods of immense growth feel like they’ll last forever until they don’t. At some point, things just don’t seem to work as well and you feel stuck.

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