Maximiser Program

Driving Sustained Success

In this Whole of Business program, we work simultaneously with the business owners capabilities as a leader whilst implementing targeted business strategies to maximise results.

8 Month Program Includes

  • Personal leadership diagnostic report using the 360 Leadership Circle to laser focus on areas of development for effective and lasting change
  • 6 x 90 minute individual coaching  sessions to build insight and actionable leadership skills
  • Positive Intelligence 6-week Mental Fitness Program
  • Business audit to pinpoint priorities and create a Business Improvement Plan
  • Bi-weekly coaching sessions to implement the Plan and address the key elements of any business  –  Vision, People, Process, Scorecard, Strategy and Scale
  • Real time support to maximise business development
Ralph & Sandra Coaching

Step 1

Personal Leadership Profile + Business Fact Find Completed

Step 2

Debrief Profile & Presentation of Business Improvement Plan

Step 3

1:1 Coaching Sessions with Leader + Bi-Weekly Leadership Team Coaching

Step 4

Vision, People & Strategy Focus

Step 5

Scorecard, Process & Scale Focus


Get back in the driver’s seat and create the results you deserve